Friday, July 5, 2013

Three Feet High and Rising...

We're at Lake Seed right now for the annual Dickey family reunion. Unfortunately, this year's blessed event happens to coincide with a crazy amount of rain. We've spent some time outside, but it's been episodic. The most interesting thing is watching the lake rise--Seed is in the middle of three Georgia Power lakes, so we can rise really high, really quick. Here we are on Tuesday at normal lake level. Don't be fooled by the joy of the children: it is in the 60s outside & drizzling.
Yesterday afternoon it started to rain in earnest, and the water rose up to here in a couple of hours.
Here we are an hour or so later, right around dusk. The dock is about 6 inches under water, for a rise of 2+ feet in the course of an afternoon.
This is the next morning (today). It's gone up another 6 inches or so--about a foot over the dock for a total of about 3 feet altogether. Let's zoom in on the kayaks, though, so you can see the joy...
No rain this morning, but we're expecting another series of thunderstorms this evening!

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