Saturday, November 30, 2013


So no pictures exist from the actual dinner, or the five days we spent in Augusta at Jay's mom's (with the Montgomery Wamsteds around the corner at his dad's). We were too busy having fun and being pampered by Jay's family!  But we did manage to grab a photo of all five of us, right before dinner, all wearing nice clothes. Kind of a miracle. Then we tried to get a picture of all seven (!) Wamsted cousins. Not quite as easy a task, but that was to be expected...
From left to right: Anne Perry (3 1/2), John (2 1/2), Addie (5 1/2), Simon (1!), Kira (4 1/2), Audrey Kate (3 1/2), and Andrew (4 months). Whew!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kira's "Fancy" Haircut

I took Kira to a salon this morning for a haircut.  All previous haircuts have either been in a toy airplane seat (just once), at Supercuts (also once), or done by Mommy (many times).  Kira was so excited to go to Mommy's salon and get a real, grown-up haircut.  And she wanted it SHORT.  It is now short and totally adorable.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween (Better Late Than Never)

We've been trying to put together a more coherent Halloween post, because it was such an event-filled day. However, time has caught up with us, and we are closer to Thanksgiving & Simon's first birthday than Halloween at this point, so here goes a possibly erratic post...
Kira in costume #1. You've already seen this from the "Thriller" dance.
John, getting ready to go to school. Kira wore that costume two years ago--you could probably find the post if you wanted to see her do her monkey dance.
Simon, wearing the other monkey costume, the one John wore just last year. Again, check it out!
Kira in costume #2, in the only picture of all three of our kids all together in who knows how long...
An attempted group hug.
And, a special visitor for the evening: Gramma! This is a pretty cute picture, even if Simon did take his hat off just moments before.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Simon & Daddy

Simon has taken to freaking out every time Jay comes home from work. "Da-DA! Da-DA!" as he wiggles in his chair or clomps down the hall. That kid sure does love his dad: he only has a handful of words and "Da-Da" is by far his favorite. He did learn the word "no" today, however, so we'll see how long Daddy can stay #1.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Dance

Please enjoy these hilarious pictures of Kira.  Her class performed a dance to "Thriller" at preschool for Halloween.  It was just as awesome as you're imagining...
Many more Halloween pictures to follow!