Monday, December 30, 2013

Chicken Video

So, several things about this video.

1) As before, it may only be interesting if you think Simon is hilarious. In other words, it's not worth watching for the quality of the film-making.
2) That is his word for "chicken" that he says to me at the very beginning.
3) I was actively trying to get Simon to do his chicken noise for the camera, because we think it's awesome. I had no idea he would break for the door.
4) His actions, however, surprising as they may be to me at the moment, are entirely consistent with his worldview. Meaning, when he is thinking about chickens, if he goes to a window and looks out he is about 50% likely to see a chicken. Why wouldn't he go to the door when I ask him to make a chicken noise?
5) Listen for the "b-b-b" noise in the background. That is his version of the soft "buck" that comes before the loud "buck-aw!" in the traditional chicken noise.
6) Note that the video stops only because he makes for the dog food, possibly the only thing more interesting to Simon than the chickens. At least twice a week Millie fishes dog food out of that kid's mouth. 

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