Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Jam '14

As you no doubt already know, Atlanta got snow this week.  When we went to bed on Monday night, "a light dusting" was predicted.  By Tuesday morning, the forecast had changed but nobody's plans had changed with it.  Jay naively rode to work on his bike excited about possibly riding home in flurries.  When I went to get Kira from preschool at 1:00, the roads were already snowy and icy.  I called Jay in a panic and told him that he was UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to bike home.  After lengthy marital negotiations, Jay set out on his bike around 2pm.  He passed stuck and stopped vehicles the entire way home.  He made it home in 2 hours.  (This is far less time than anyone we've heard about in a car.  For instance, the guys building our new wooden fence were in the car 7 hours before they made it home.  One of them told me he was grateful it was so "short" after hearing the news reports.)
After Jay made it home and thawed for about 5 minutes, he took Kira and John out in the snow.  This is John's first snow ever!  The kids were thrilled, but they didn't stay out too long.  We assured them that the snow would still be there on Wednesday.
On Wednesday, we went exploring as a family.  Simon will not keep a hat on his head so he was ready to come inside after a relatively short adventure.

 We attempted "sledding" down our driveway on a cardboard box.  We were not very successful.  I'm pretty sure the kids weren't even moving in the picture below.

 I kind of love this last picture of Kira and John.  It seems emblematic of their relationship; they face adventures side-by-side.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thursday TV Time

We've had a concern recently about disclosure, so I need to tell you ahead of time that this is Jay. From now on, I have been asked to identify myself for the sake of all concerned.  THIS IS JAY.

Some time ago, Millie had the bright idea that we were only going to let the kids watch TV once a week. Somewhat arbitrarily, we chose Thursday. The big kids take turns each Thursday after naps--one of them gets to choose a couple of shows or a movie and they both watch together during snack time. It is an awesome tradition, because they have stopped hectoring us about TV every day, and we get an afternoon where they are totally engaged in something that doesn't make a mess. We call it the Thursday Bounce. We're just waiting for Simon to show some interest, because for now he doesn't seem to care about the Bounce. Babies. Why won't they just watch more TV?

John chose last week--you'll see Mr. Noodle there on the screen--and for some reason he adopted a planking style of viewing. Kira obviously thought this was hilarious as well, although I'm not sure how long she managed to stay up on that bendy chair...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

(most of) A Day Without Mommy

Millie is with some friends for the weekend. She left after breakfast and will be back sometime Monday. I've never taken care of the kids for this long before, so I wanted to reassure her that they were okay. Most people would just send some photos over their phone, of course, but this is my best approximation to that. So, here goes a brief tour of our day without Mommy. 

First up is art time, right after lunch.
John painted also. I don't know why he's holding up the little people.
Right before nap time. Guess who goes down first? I have no idea why his cheeks got so crazy red out of nowhere. I put some vaseline on them pretty quick after this picture; watch as they temper down throughout the rest.
Post-nap craft time. Kira was really insistent that we do a surprise for Mommy, and I had to invent something to do. So we added some cut-up photos to an old school project. I was pretty proud of myself.
Getting dinner ready. Kira's favorite: hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, and crunchy carrots.
Simon, catching some alone time.
John, doing the same. That table pretty much encapsulates his day.
Dinner, deconstructed. If I had instagram you would have seen this already, but through a gauzy filter.
Dinner time. Notice Kira's smile pose, held over from her Christmas Pageant at school, we think.
This is John, almost done with all of his carrots, right before I have to demand he eat some macaroni & cheese before he gets down. Seriously, the kid won't eat macaroni & cheese without some outside persuasion. Weird.
Bedtime. Not the best photo, but how cute are those kids?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Kira's Productive Afternoon

I recently introduced the concept of a "To Do List" to Kira.  She took to it like a fish to water.  We made several joint lists over the course of a week or so when she decided to make one of her own.
It reads:   Kira's To Do List
               Play games on the chalkboard
She accomplished everything on her list, which is more than I can say for myself most days.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Piano Men

Millie says I've been doing too many Simon posts lately, but seriously: how cute are these pictures?

Big kids coming up!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rocking Chair + Favorite Book

Here's Simon getting situated to enjoy his favorite book - Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb - in Daddy's old rocking chair.  Simon's concentration combined with the upside-down book in the last frame really gets me.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Playhouse

Grandpa & Ms. Gail gave Kira a giant cardboard playhouse for Christmas. Unsurprisingly, everyone loves it. Today, they got all three of their little comfy chairs in there with all three kids and had quite a time. 
Similarly unsurprisingly, today also represented the first major damage to the playhouse. Alas, that door is now hanging two-thirds of the way off its hinges.