Saturday, January 18, 2014

(most of) A Day Without Mommy

Millie is with some friends for the weekend. She left after breakfast and will be back sometime Monday. I've never taken care of the kids for this long before, so I wanted to reassure her that they were okay. Most people would just send some photos over their phone, of course, but this is my best approximation to that. So, here goes a brief tour of our day without Mommy. 

First up is art time, right after lunch.
John painted also. I don't know why he's holding up the little people.
Right before nap time. Guess who goes down first? I have no idea why his cheeks got so crazy red out of nowhere. I put some vaseline on them pretty quick after this picture; watch as they temper down throughout the rest.
Post-nap craft time. Kira was really insistent that we do a surprise for Mommy, and I had to invent something to do. So we added some cut-up photos to an old school project. I was pretty proud of myself.
Getting dinner ready. Kira's favorite: hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, and crunchy carrots.
Simon, catching some alone time.
John, doing the same. That table pretty much encapsulates his day.
Dinner, deconstructed. If I had instagram you would have seen this already, but through a gauzy filter.
Dinner time. Notice Kira's smile pose, held over from her Christmas Pageant at school, we think.
This is John, almost done with all of his carrots, right before I have to demand he eat some macaroni & cheese before he gets down. Seriously, the kid won't eat macaroni & cheese without some outside persuasion. Weird.
Bedtime. Not the best photo, but how cute are those kids?