Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Jam '14

As you no doubt already know, Atlanta got snow this week.  When we went to bed on Monday night, "a light dusting" was predicted.  By Tuesday morning, the forecast had changed but nobody's plans had changed with it.  Jay naively rode to work on his bike excited about possibly riding home in flurries.  When I went to get Kira from preschool at 1:00, the roads were already snowy and icy.  I called Jay in a panic and told him that he was UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to bike home.  After lengthy marital negotiations, Jay set out on his bike around 2pm.  He passed stuck and stopped vehicles the entire way home.  He made it home in 2 hours.  (This is far less time than anyone we've heard about in a car.  For instance, the guys building our new wooden fence were in the car 7 hours before they made it home.  One of them told me he was grateful it was so "short" after hearing the news reports.)
After Jay made it home and thawed for about 5 minutes, he took Kira and John out in the snow.  This is John's first snow ever!  The kids were thrilled, but they didn't stay out too long.  We assured them that the snow would still be there on Wednesday.
On Wednesday, we went exploring as a family.  Simon will not keep a hat on his head so he was ready to come inside after a relatively short adventure.

 We attempted "sledding" down our driveway on a cardboard box.  We were not very successful.  I'm pretty sure the kids weren't even moving in the picture below.

 I kind of love this last picture of Kira and John.  It seems emblematic of their relationship; they face adventures side-by-side.

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