Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thursday TV Time

We've had a concern recently about disclosure, so I need to tell you ahead of time that this is Jay. From now on, I have been asked to identify myself for the sake of all concerned.  THIS IS JAY.

Some time ago, Millie had the bright idea that we were only going to let the kids watch TV once a week. Somewhat arbitrarily, we chose Thursday. The big kids take turns each Thursday after naps--one of them gets to choose a couple of shows or a movie and they both watch together during snack time. It is an awesome tradition, because they have stopped hectoring us about TV every day, and we get an afternoon where they are totally engaged in something that doesn't make a mess. We call it the Thursday Bounce. We're just waiting for Simon to show some interest, because for now he doesn't seem to care about the Bounce. Babies. Why won't they just watch more TV?

John chose last week--you'll see Mr. Noodle there on the screen--and for some reason he adopted a planking style of viewing. Kira obviously thought this was hilarious as well, although I'm not sure how long she managed to stay up on that bendy chair...

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