Sunday, February 9, 2014

Outside Time

Today I (Jay) took the big kids outside for a while after lunch. We brought our bicycles with us and did some routine maintenance while Simon was inside getting a bath.
Idyllic, right? So wonderful a day, in fact, that I left the garage open while working, for ease of access to my tools. The kids, however, rode their bikes in and spotted the shelf where we keep most of our children's books, the ones that have been off-cycle for a while. General glee was quickly followed by this lengthy scene:
Yep. Like parents, like children. It's the Wamsted way. I've been told some children go a little stir crazy when they can't get outside and play. Hmmm.

In case you were worried, they did come back to their bikes. However, they flipped them over onto their backs and worked on the tires, spinning wheels to nowhere. Also a Wamsted way, I suppose.

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