Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow Again!

We got a second dose of snow a few weeks ago.  It followed a day or so of ice, which caused widespread power outages.  We were among those without power, and the temperature in our house started dropping as soon as the lights went off.  We had to decide quickly what to do as the roads were becoming dangerous, and as we were panicking a friend called - a friend with power AND a back-up generator.  We packed up and headed for our friends' house.  Two other families joined us for most or all of our time.  That's four families, which meant 10 kids who were all 5-years-old and younger.  It was so much fun and not as chaotic as you might think (although if you haven't spent a lot of time around young kids lately it was more chaotic than you can imagine!).  We all had an amazing time and came home feeling very grateful for good friends!


  1. Pretty awesome action shot of Kira running

  2. just now thinking about what y'all did with Eli?