Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kira's Art Party

Kira is the envy of many Atlanta children in that she is Miss Holly's granddaughter.  One of the privileges of having an Art Chick for a grandmother is that you get your very own art birthday party.  Miss Holly and Miss Lannie (aka Yaya and Lala) put on an amazing party for Kira and her friends.  We made ladybugs per the birthday girl's request.
The only snafu came in the form of a stomach bug.  Kira displayed no symptoms until she tried to eat her long-awaited cookie cake.  I knew something was up when she couldn't finish her piece.  She spiraled down pretty quickly after that, and the throw up started as soon as we got home.  Poor kid.

One small consequence of Kira's illness was that I didn't get several of the pictures I wanted to.  For instance, I don't have one of the birthday girl with Yaya and Lala or Mommy and Daddy.  Luckily, I took the ones above before she felt awful.  And one below to document the sadness.
A big, big thank you to The Art Chicks for a wonderful party.  A big, big apology to anyone who caught our stomach bug.

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