Sunday, April 27, 2014

More Easter...

This is Jay.

Last Sunday, after church, we headed over to the Caseys' for an egg hunt. There were probably a hundred eggs in the front yard, and the bigger kids gathered much in the way of candy. Simon, however, got one egg and refused to give it up for his basket, nor would he look for another. He was thrilled.
John, right before he trashed his new pants falling over a rock. As Uncle Jeremy observed, why do we combine dressing kids up with hunting for hidden objects in the yard?
Kira, so happy. 
Walker, also so happy. Remember that Simon, in the background, is not hunting eggs. Rather, Annie had only just kept him from leaving the yard and heading into the street. He's switched eggs, but it's still just the one.
Again, one happy girl.
The best photo we could get of our three kids. The only way we could get them to sit for a picture together was to let them eat candy at the same time. At least here they are all looking at the camera.
All five Wamsteds? It's an Easter Miracle! Notice how coordinated my outfit is with the kids.
Happy (Belated) Easter!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Haircuts

More pictures to come, but we wanted to show off some photos of the boys with their new Spring haircuts. John is still blonde under all that shag; for how long who knows. Simon, following big brother's lead, sat surprisingly still for his first experience with the clippers. Next time: Jay joins his sons!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, John!

This little boy turns 3-years-old tomorrow.  We had a backyard birthday party for him on Saturday.  The weather was just about perfect, and we spent most of the time playing outside.
Or relaxing outside depending on your age and stage.
Jay led the kids in a raucous sing-along (is there any other kind of sing-along?) with some of our favorite songs like Old MacDonald and the ABCs.
All the kids had instruments and played and sang.  It was quite loud and pretty darn cute.
John requested chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream.  What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets!
I think everyone enjoyed their chocolatey treat!
And, of course, John loved opening his presents.  Please note that you can clearly see 3 other children in this very close-up photo.  All the kids felt that they could not possibly be close enough to the present opening action!
Happy birthday, John Boy.  We love you and love you and love you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Space Helmet

Again, this is Jay.

In the book Little Bear there is a story called "Little Bear Goes to the Moon."  After reading the book a few times recently, Kira set out to make her own space helmet just like Little Bear.  Then this morning, after breakfast, Kira announced that she was going to read "Little Bear Goes to the Moon" while wearing her space helmet. And so she did, a perfect confluence of cardboard box and classic book.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

3 Kids @ 16 Months

This is Jay.

I took these pictures of Simon in the wagon today to establish a baseline. We get a lot of comments about how Kira looks just like Millie, John looks just like Jay, and Simon looks like them both. While this is mostly true, I have often caught myself thinking that Simon looks "just like Kira did at that age." This photo-investigation, however, belies my opinion. In fact, Kira at her current age looks just like Kira at that age, and ditto for John. It's surprising how locked in their faces were even at 16 months. Simon, somehow, manages to look a little like them both at all the ages. 

So I was wrong. There you have it. I don't admit it much, but I can be a big man on the first day of my Spring Break. More posts to follow, most likely. But don't expect any more admissions of being wrong. That's probably over with.