Saturday, April 5, 2014

3 Kids @ 16 Months

This is Jay.

I took these pictures of Simon in the wagon today to establish a baseline. We get a lot of comments about how Kira looks just like Millie, John looks just like Jay, and Simon looks like them both. While this is mostly true, I have often caught myself thinking that Simon looks "just like Kira did at that age." This photo-investigation, however, belies my opinion. In fact, Kira at her current age looks just like Kira at that age, and ditto for John. It's surprising how locked in their faces were even at 16 months. Simon, somehow, manages to look a little like them both at all the ages. 

So I was wrong. There you have it. I don't admit it much, but I can be a big man on the first day of my Spring Break. More posts to follow, most likely. But don't expect any more admissions of being wrong. That's probably over with. 

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