Friday, May 30, 2014

Goumi Berries

This is Jay.

A couple of years ago, Millie planted some bushes in what has now become the chicken run. Despite their amazing name--Goumi Berry Bushes--they never really panned out for us until this year. Suddenly, though, we were awash in Goumi Berries. Every day for a week or so one to three of us would go out there and cull berries, seemingly never to approach the end. Kira loves it. 

You have to be careful with the chickens, though. They follow you around waiting for any slip up, pouncing en masse on a single berry. Once, the most friendly & audacious of the chickens even drew blood on Kira, pecking at her side in an effort to force her to drop a berry.  (We have since taught Kira that she has full permission to kick a pestering chicken).
They are small, with a sour/sweet kind of taste. I instantly fell in love with them, insomuch as they come free from my yard.
This might be the best shot to show just how many berries we have--this is a view of about a third of the two giant bushes; there is also a third, smaller bush producing. This photo also magically captures the instant after a rather large peal of thunder. How cute is that look of alarm on Kira's face?

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