Thursday, June 26, 2014

Around the Homestead

Jay built cages to keep the birds away from our blueberries.  They're made of PVC pipe and bird netting, and please note the "door" that I'm holding open for Kira.  Jay's kinda my hero sometimes.
This constitutes John's haul for the afternoon (which then became his afternoon snack).
Bean vines climbing skyward.
Various tomato varieties are beginning to set fruit around the yard.
We have several squash varieties that have sprung up from our "homemade" compost, and we've given some of them room to roam.  Here's our largest pumpkin so far.  We've also planted the same pumpkins we grew a few years back.  (You can see those here.)

Bountiful basil.
The bees love the lavender almost as much as I do.
Asian pears.  We've never had much luck with these trees, but we're hoping to eat at least a few this year.
Last but definitely not least, our fig trees are fighting for a future.  We thought they were dead after a long and cold winter, but new branches are growing furiously.  We won't get fruit this year, but there will be figs again!

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