Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This is Jay.

A smattering of pictures of Kira & John with their Wamsted cousins. Here we have Anne Perry (4) and Gramma on a dig yesterday.
Lunch today. Addie (6) is in the striped shirt, and Anne Perry's twin is in the green--Audrey Kate (4). 10 month old Andrew is at the end there. By the way, just seconds before John had been having the time of his life. This is his "say cheese" face.
Cute picture. Again, though, what's with the no smile?
Post-lunch story time with Papa Al.
Though I couldn't get a good photo of it, there was a brief shining moment when all seven cousins were all doing the  same thing at the same time: watching Frozen.
After dinner game of Uno. There were a few tears yesterday when it became apparent that not everyone could win the game at the same time, but things calmed down today. At least, it worked out for this game in between dinner & dessert. If you're wondering, John is inside finishing his dinner. That kid eats so slow.
Where is Simon, you might ask? Well, the only real hiccup in the whole process has been a rather crazy stomach bug for the boy. I won't go into details, but it does involve a 2 A.M. wakeup call, a twenty-minute tag team cleaning, and Simon going to sleep with a towel for a blanket because everything from his crib was in the wash. Sigh.

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