Saturday, June 7, 2014

Off to the Beach

We're headed to the beach!

This is Jay. I packed the car better than I ever have before so that we could get Kira into the way back, so that John & Simon could have some distance between them for the trip. Here's a view of the back; Kira is on the other side of that seat you see buried behind bags & beer.
Here she is, pleased as punch to be in her nest of books, stuffed animals, and art supplies.
Here's John.
And Simon. Notice Buzz Lightyear's arm sticking out from under that blue striped towel.
A little later in the ride, John "reading" his current favorite book to Simon, who is entranced by his older brother and Six Little Chicks.
Nap time, worked out to perfection. How cute is that kid?
A little later, John fell asleep too. He was pretty cute also, despite this washed out picture. That Snoopy in the lower left hand corner used to be mine when I was John's age.
This is what Kira looked like the entire time. Once, I asked John if he wanted to listen to a story on the iPod and Kira looked up briefly: "No, Daddy! I'm reading!" I'm not sure if I've ever been so proud.
Next stop: Tybee Island! Bye bye!

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  1. These pics are awesome! I would gladly sit in the car with your family for 6 hours to hear John read that book again. So amazingly hilarious.

    Also, I'm so glad that GIANT bottle of mouthwash made the trip! :)