Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wamsted December

Merry Christmas! Apologies for several things: (1) The lack of festive pajamas in the Christmas-morning photo below. You just have to trust that it is, in fact, Christmas morning by the chalkboard Advent calendar on the wall. (2) Our extended absence. We've thrown three parties in three weeks here at the Wamsted house, plus three Christmas pageants, plus five colds. And a partridge in a pear tree?
 Millie's mom at her 60th birthday party, with her siblings & mother.
 Birthday girl & co-hostesses.
 Outtake, timer, group photo. How cute is Millie?
John & Papa Al, party #2. Twelve Wamsteds, two Picketts, and a Dunn came here for pre-Christmas Christmas last Saturday. We captured exactly two decent photos.
 And here we are back at Christmas morning (you can tell from the pajamas, remember?).
Merry Christmas, people! We've got ten days of holiday yet to come, so hopefully we can get something else posted before February!

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