Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Mini Photo Session

Ok, I mean a "mini" session as in about 43 seconds.  One of my lovely friends who picked me up Friday afternoon to go out of town is also a lovely photographer.  Before we hopped in the car, she pulled out her camera and came away with these shots.  Thanks, Emily!

Lastly, I must transcribe a note that was waiting for me on the chalkboard when I got home.

Dear Mommy,
We are doing great with Daddy!  Me and John and Simon are really haveing a great time.  I was wrong.
Love always,
read this note


  1. Wow! She got these pictures in 43 seconds? These are amazing! I especially love the one of Kira, that is an awesome picture.

    Of course, I also love the note.

  2. And the note is awesome...I can see her fretting before you left. She is a great communicator!