Saturday, January 17, 2015

So Mommy Will Know What We Did Today

Continuing in a long tradition of days when Millie is out of town, I took a bunch of pictures, and am posting them in chronological order. This represents my best effort at parenting: all I did, all day, was to try to entertain these kids as best as I could, while also not messing up the house any more than necessary. So, here we go, starting with John, just minutes out of bed.
Breakfast time.
A bit after the great "stuffed-animal switch out." Toy Story characters had been in the garage for a while, and liberation was exciting.
Art time. John is drawing a Toy Story book with "no words, just pictures." Kira is working on a grown-up book--only a picture on the cover. Title: "Chickens Do That!" It's about six runaway chickens.
We've been to the library and we're back with new books for reading time. Please note that though John is soon to pick up a book, Simon will not sit still again once he finishes that Lara Bar. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of reading time yet.
Post naps, hole digging.
Dinner. Those little cookie sheets are from the kids' baking sets. Heretofore they have only made play-dough food, but they worked really well for making little pizzas. All three kids helping me make said pizzas? Cute, and difficult.
More dinner. Kira worked the hardest, because I kept asking her to help the boys do things while my hands were covered in whatever.
John, and his 35-years-hence future self.
Not a great final picture, but they sat on that couch looking at books together for twenty minutes while I cleaned the kitchen. It was pretty adorable, even if they were looking at Batman books.

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