Friday, February 13, 2015

John & Simon at YaYa & PopPop's

We've been a little busy lately, and consequently falling down on our picture posting. Part of what has kept us busy is Millie's new job (twenty hours a week; K-3 children's pastor at our church), which is super exciting. This week, she got to go out of town with the entire staff for a couple of days, leaving Kira and me at home to go to school and work, and sending the boys to spend the night at YaYa & PopPop's for two nights. Uncharted waters for all of us, and YaYa was gracious enough to provide pictures.

I'll spare you the picture-by-picture commentary, and just say that when the boys are playing well together, they are so cute. And, notice: still Batmen. Apparently YaYa had to peel the suit off John at the end of the first day and promise to wash it immediately. Thanks so much, YaYa and PopPop!

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