Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday Fun

John had a pretty low-key birthday, but it was still a pretty awesome birthday given that birthdays generally come with presents and cake!

John opened Rex from Grampa and Miss Gail.  He has hardly put Rex down since!
 For the second year in a row, the birthday boy requested chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream.  I happily obliged.  I love his face as I put the cake in front of him below.
 For the record, Simon thoroughly enjoyed John's birthday.
 So did Batman!  (Batman costume from Yaya and PopPop.  Scooter in the background being ridden by shirtless Simon from Mommy and Daddy.  Notice Rex peeking out from behind Batman.)


  1. I love Simon's "smile for the camera" face!
    John's face was pretty good too as he was taking in the cake.
    A happy day for all!