Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Daddy, could my Horace have your Horace's sword?"

The other day we watched 101 Dalmations, so after quiet time when John asked me to play with the "horses and men" (we have a giant collection of Playmobile figures thanks to Aunt Laura!) we quickly turned to playing Pongo & Perdita & Cruella Deville. John had Horace & Jasper, and for some reason I had Captain Hook as well as another Horace. At some point John is explaining all of the swords to me (just go with it) when he turns and says, ever so seriously, "Daddy, could my Horace have your Horace's sword?" How could I say no? I'm not even sure I understand the question...
Notice the jail in the upper left corner (Cruella was in the jail for a while, until she turned into a good guy--there's hope for everyone!). Also, the family in the blanket pile under the table.
I think this is Roger & Anita and some other guy (not Captain Hook; could be Smee). I don't know if Kira's cat Aurora is guarding them or not.

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