Monday, June 29, 2015

Big Kid Porch Camp Out

We have a "Summer To-Do List."  I (Millie) love a good to-do list and have passed my proclivity down to Kira.  Several weeks ago when we made our list, we added "Big Kid Porch Camp Out" almost on a whim.

So last night we grilled hamburgers and toasted marshmallows.  We set up 4 makeshift beds on the back porch.  (Simon participated in much of the night, but he slept in his own bed.)  We read lots of stories and chased fireflies in our pajamas.  We fell asleep to the rhythmic sound of nighttime insects and awoke to a chorus of birds.  Often my hare-brained schemes fall short of idyllic; not this time.  It was a perfect night, made even more perfect by the rare occurrence of a cold front in the Georgia summer. 

If I could bottle up the glory of the "Big Kid Porch Camp Out" and sell it, I'd be a bajillionaire.

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