Friday, June 5, 2015

Sometimes Life Is Funny All On Its Own

Today John & Simon & I (Jay) went on a twenty-minute hunt for Simon's water bottle, rooting through mountains of stuff scattered around the house. As you can imagine, they were little help, but I turned every room upside down three times before I found it buried in the sofa cushions where they had played "Car" earlier in the day. During the second run-through I noticed a book underneath the dresser in their closet.
Millie will be mortified, but I want to say that those are the actual dust bunnies that came out with the book--no artifice necessary. As mad as I was that I was still looking for that water bottle, this actually made me laugh for a moment. It was a short second, though--then I went back to digging through their costumes & books & toys & treasures & stuffed animals & blankets. I'm pretty sure I looked kind of like Mama Bear by the time I was through.

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