Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Uncle Jeremy's Favorite Picture

Aunt Annie was watching all the kids from the tent one day on Fripp when she observed this scene. It looks typical: Pop-Pop with the paddle-board, John with the shovel, Simon with the bucket, Kira with the boogie-board, and Aunt Millie entertaining Jackson by digging a hole. It was Simon, though, that caught her eye.
Here he is twenty seconds later, still sitting in that odd position. He is, apparently, waiting for water to come up in a wave and fill up his bucket. Millie had told him to go get some water, and this is his plan. Not only is that kid strong, he apparently has the patience of Job: Annie said he sat like this for over a minute...just waiting...
Victory! There is no telling how much water is in that bucket, but look how happy that kid is!
(Uncle Jeremy's favorite picture is the middle one, and we might have to agree.)


  1. This is a great series of pictures...Simon has certainly graduated into his own person; no more the great imitator of John!!

  2. Oh my gosh - he did this so many times! It was hysterical! Usually what little water he did get would splash out by the time he got to Millie so he would just go back and do it again. I was impressed with his patience and determination, though. That is one funny kid!