Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Homegrown Cantaloupe

We never know exactly what will end up thriving in our garden.  This year the clear winner is our cantaloupe plants.  They have stretched their arms far and wide threatening to cling to anything in range.  We have eaten 3 or 4 delectable melons thus far with at least 15 more nearly ripe.  We will eat our weight in cantaloupe this month!  That's fine by us... most especially by our fruit lover John!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


As of this week, we can finally say two things about the Wamsted family, Simon in specific.

1) We are all off diapers, completely potty trained. Amazing! That's his big-kid Spider-Man underwear he's wearing. I'd like to say it's the potty-training that led to the lack of pants, but that wouldn't be true. We just don't wear pants around here a lot in the summer.

2) Simon will now watch with the other kids on Thursdays when we have TV days. For years that boy has resisted while the other kids took the break: trying to play with Kira & John and driving them bonkers, coming to play with us while we were frantically working on whatever small project we thought we could get done in an hour. Look at that kid, though. Totally on board.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Highlands, The River

We've been in Highlands this week with Gramma & Papa Al. Today we took a big picnic basket to this amazing spot down on the river.  It was beautiful and fun and an awesome adventure!  The kids were in heaven... to the point that Kira lamented upon our departure: "I wish things weren't so fun because then it wouldn't be so sad to leave!"  Too true, Kira.  Too true.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Daddy Day

On Mondays the church offers child care for pre-school children, so today Kira & I had a sort of adventure at home. Step One: Make a to-do list!
(This took longer than you would imagine. At one point I went to get my guitar, and halfway through my first song Kira made me put it away because it wasn't music time yet. Honestly, it was like every to-do list I've ever made with her mother...)

Art time was first, as you can see. Kira made this--serendipitously adorable, as she was intending to construct flash cards for an upper-case "DADDY" and a lower-case "daddy" but made a mistake somewhere along the line. Still pretty cute, though.
I made this. Don't ask. It was a huge hit, however.
No pictures exist from outside or reading time, but building "something cool" was pretty awesome. We got all the various constructable materials out and created a little city for the trains to run around. Then we played trains. It was exactly as wonderful as it looks.
In case you were wondering, "go outside" got a question mark because we weren't sure when it would happen; Kira was insistent the list had to be as chronological as possible. "Music time?" is at the bottom because it was a reserve activity: had we had time, it would have come before lunch. Alas, we spent too much time building and throwing the football for music today. Some other time, I am sure.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July

As usual, we went up to the lake for the 4th of July.  There were 34 Dickeys (including honorary Dickeys--like us Wamsteds) gathered together!  Plus we got a visit from 3 Rands (PopPop's parents and sister).  We forgot to take our camera, but Yaya sent us a few pictures.  We all had an awesome time!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Photo Outtakes

The other day I posted this cute picture, from the fountain by the restaurant where we ate breakfast on my birthday. I was thrilled because for some bizarre reason all three kids looked at the camera in at least a quasi-smile.
Seconds later, however, we returned to earth. This is more normal for us.
I was feeling lucky, though, it being my birthday and all, so I asked Kira to put her arms around the boys. This, almost as if by miracle, brought everyone's eyes back to me.
However, it also caused John to resist. Notice the beginning of the lean in the photo above that gets worse below. He is also squealing in a super-sonic, through-the-lips kind of way. He is not excited.
Things break down completely here. Simon walks away; Kira makes her crazy face; John finds these things hilarious and decides to be adorable again. All in all, pretty typical.
How cute could this picture have been, though? I mean, look at John in front of the parabolic water.  Oh, Kira...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jay Turns 39

Yesterday on my birthday we all went out to breakfast as a family. We do this about once a year because it is so incredibly complicated--keeping the kids sane until the food comes and et cetera. I love it, though, so if it happens it's going to happen on my birthday. And, yes, we are all eating pancakes.
After we ate we took a tour of the fountain nearby, where I pulled off a birthday miracle: all three children looking at the camera at once!
To keep the birthday magic rolling, not twenty minutes later we were back home having a family sing-along. Millie asked what I wanted to do for the rest of the morning, and I said this:
Later on this went down. That's John's buddy and our new neighbor Judah dressed up as Batman. Notice the askance glances from the girl table.
Happy birthday to me! For the record, of the three drinks on the table that appear to be mine, only two of them actually are. Just saying.