Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jay Turns 39

Yesterday on my birthday we all went out to breakfast as a family. We do this about once a year because it is so incredibly complicated--keeping the kids sane until the food comes and et cetera. I love it, though, so if it happens it's going to happen on my birthday. And, yes, we are all eating pancakes.
After we ate we took a tour of the fountain nearby, where I pulled off a birthday miracle: all three children looking at the camera at once!
To keep the birthday magic rolling, not twenty minutes later we were back home having a family sing-along. Millie asked what I wanted to do for the rest of the morning, and I said this:
Later on this went down. That's John's buddy and our new neighbor Judah dressed up as Batman. Notice the askance glances from the girl table.
Happy birthday to me! For the record, of the three drinks on the table that appear to be mine, only two of them actually are. Just saying.


  1. Happy birthday Jay! I am a little confused seeing ketchup on the table with pancakes?
    And in every picture it looks like kira has changed outfits? And those children tables and chairs look familiar- are the kids already doing a boy and girl table, as it looks like the adults are too?

  2. Holly you are so observant....I know where to come if I need any detective work!!