Monday, July 6, 2015

Photo Outtakes

The other day I posted this cute picture, from the fountain by the restaurant where we ate breakfast on my birthday. I was thrilled because for some bizarre reason all three kids looked at the camera in at least a quasi-smile.
Seconds later, however, we returned to earth. This is more normal for us.
I was feeling lucky, though, it being my birthday and all, so I asked Kira to put her arms around the boys. This, almost as if by miracle, brought everyone's eyes back to me.
However, it also caused John to resist. Notice the beginning of the lean in the photo above that gets worse below. He is also squealing in a super-sonic, through-the-lips kind of way. He is not excited.
Things break down completely here. Simon walks away; Kira makes her crazy face; John finds these things hilarious and decides to be adorable again. All in all, pretty typical.
How cute could this picture have been, though? I mean, look at John in front of the parabolic water.  Oh, Kira...

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