Saturday, September 12, 2015

Eleanor Visits

Jay's best friend Scruff has two daughters, each a few months younger than our two boys. Today the youngest, Eleanor, came to visit for a couple of hours. The boys worked hard to teach her why having brothers wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I'm sure she went home to tell her parents all about her new birthday wish.

Here they are: Eleanor smiling sweetly for the camera while the boys play "Lightning," a game which apparently involves screaming when the flash goes off. Notice how tickled Simon is.
Probable conversation: "See, Eleanor, the policemen have the car, so they can always catch the bad guys, who only have horses. They share the cart, depending on who happens to have the treasure chest." Or something like that.
Showing her how it's okay for boys to play with dolls, too.
A new version of an old game, "Elevator." It involves the boys spinning in circles until they get dizzy enough to fall down. Eleanor was entranced, though, probably wisely, she never joined in.
I mean, come on: who wouldn't want brothers like these?

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  1. Eleanor loved every second of it!!!! She is going to be telling Wamsted (and Swami) stories for awhile, I think.