Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tea Party

On each of the last two days, all of the Wamsteds have received personal invitations, hand-delivered from Kira.
The "Thanks for coming!" cards are, in fact, a boy and a girl talking on a cell phone. The time on today's invitation was changed from 3:40 to 3:50 because, as Kira said, "Simon was so grumpy yesterday when he woke up. Let's give him a few minutes before the party."
Iteration #1: Piano Party. Notice the "A+"s next to our names on our place cards. We are all amazing guests, obviously.
Wide shot of Iteration #1. The stuffed animals (left to right: Pinky, Lionel, pillow-pet, and Hearty) are not, in fact, invited to the party. Kira informed me that they were just decorations.
Iteration #2: Pianos out, American Girl dolls in. Also, it looks like Simon woke up just fine today. Cute, huh?