Saturday, October 24, 2015

Gramma's Birthday Celebration

In celebration of Gramma's birthday, Gramma, Papa Al, and the Montgomery Wamsteds came to Atlanta for the day.  We went to the High Museum first.  There are some amazing interactive spinning pieces outside.  We spent a good bit of time there (and took some pictures).  Then we had a picnic and went to the children's exhibit inside.  After that, it was back to our house for the afternoon and evening.  We had big fun, which was of course topped off with cake and ice cream!  Seven grandkids who are 7-years-old and younger made for an eventful and hopefully wonderful birthday celebration!
 And for our only indoor picture, we captured the birthday girl with all 7 kids!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

When Jay Turned 39 1/3

So, we had some friends over for dinner last night. One thing led to another, and Jay's friend Dave got it into his head that Jay was turning 40. Jay's actual birthday is in June, so when Dave walked in, hugged Jay, and said "Happy Birthday, buddy!" more than a little confusion ensued.

Some hours later an original song was performed in Jay's honor. Alas, no recordings exist of this ode, but the end of it marked the return of the "Jay Mask" (don't ask; long story). To wit:
Actual Jay is in the back there, if you're having trouble spotting him. Below are maskless friends.
Obviously, the children love the "Daddy Masks." Thanks, friends!

Friday, October 9, 2015

When Everyone Leaves Simon & Daddy Home Alone...

Scooter Time...
...led, inevitably, to Dumpster Time. Never fear! It's a "Green Dumpster"--only branches and grass and stuff. Perfectly safe.
But, most of you will be glad to know, Simon ended up not enjoying this activity as much as his father thought he would. It's possible he's just squinting in the sun. It seems more likely, however, that he's ready to get out of the dumpster. Live and learn, I guess.
So...we went inside and got all the trucks out of the garage. Probably a better idea, anyways.