Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some Great Kids

The other day the kids disappeared into Kira's room for a spell. They came out bearing gifts.
The elephant is full of water, which I was encouraged to pour and drink immediately--hence the tiny cup. The candy was borrowed from the candy jar and I think was the best way they knew how to express love. I liked the note the most, though.
After taking these pictures I tried to get one of all three of them with the tray. This is the best I could do.
Like I said, some great kids!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow! (kinda)

Yesterday they sent all students and teachers in the metro area home at noon. I rode my bicycle home in the really cold rain, stopped at the insanely packed grocery store, and was in my pajamas by 1:30. In keeping with Atlanta's recent attempts to make up for the time they really messed up their weather forecasting, snow didn't actually begin until after 9:00. And, even then it was not particularly overwhelming. See below.
Maybe half an inch. Still, we had a Georgia-snow time. Cousin Walker had spent the night (that's him running toward Millie above) and our neighbors came over in the morning for some winter sport. First up: ice skating!
No joke: at least three kids slipped on that tiny patch of ice before the games began. Next up was sledding. How optimistic is Matt here? That's a serious sled for Atlanta.
Some sledding did occur. One of the kids noted, however, that it worked better once the snow was brushed aside and the sled was running straight on the grass. So, maybe not necessarily a winter sport?
Last: ice climbing. That's our mulch pile peeking out from under the mountain of snow there.
Happy Snow Day 2016, folks! Something tells me we'll all be going to school on Monday...

Sunday, January 17, 2016


After quiet time yesterday, Kira led a multi-room operation of playing store. Kira does this often, sometimes with John, but this is the first time Simon has involved himself. They price the items, lend you money to buy them, and then buy each other's surplus goods. It's pretty adorable.

Kira's wares.
The boys' room. Motivated salesmen, you can see.
All three kids. Pretty cute, huh? Never mind John's pirate face...
Also, you have to imagine all of this done to the sound of Kira's new Beach Boys CD blaring on her new CD player. Specifically, here the boys are dancing to "Surfin' U.S.A."

Friday, January 8, 2016

When John Is Away...

John got a last minute invite to go have a sleepover with Walker tonight. So, Kira and Simon set up their own camp-out.
Here we have a full shot of their dress-up outfits. And, also, the worst smile I have ever seen of any of my children. No fooling: that is his "picture face." I took four shots in a row expecting it to change. It didn't. Amazing.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Our neighbor Judah came over today for a few minutes of front-yard battle. Millie lined the kids up and worked on their game faces, and this is what she got. First: furious.
 Next: happy.
And, of course, last always comes silly.
In case you are wondering, that is in fact a homemade quiver Kira is sporting there to carry her suction-cup arrows. We made it while I was working on dinner. I'm pretty proud of it.