Sunday, March 27, 2016

For the Easter Bunny

Last night after the boys went to sleep Kira asked if she could write a note on the wall for the Easter Bunny. Millie and I ate a late dinner while she worked, and later found this.
Full Text:

"Do not forget, easter bunny, that Jesus died and rose again, Today! But that was over 100 years ago. He was in the tomb for 3 days and nights. So easter is more than candy, for we are celebrating how Jesus rose again. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL! PS. Pleas bring me some candy!"

Chalk Art Work:
Favorite line: "But that was over 100 years ago."
Obvious cutest line: "Pleas bring me some candy!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kira's 7th Birthday Party

We had 4 extra little girls (and no brothers) here for Kira's birthday!  They were all super excited when they spotted their beds!  (Who wouldn't be with your face no more than 3 feet away from 4 friends??!)  And Kira is holding up "fancy" temporary tattoos.  The tattoos were a big hit, but I had to make a "no tattoos on the face" rule. We dined on Kira's favorite foods: hotdogs, boxed mac & cheese, and cooked carrots.
 Then we enjoyed brownie & hot fudge sundaes.  YUM!
The girls watched 101 Dalmatians in their PJs.  Violet tried to join them (it is a dog movie, after all), but she couldn't quite settle down with all the excitement.
This is everyone ready for... um... sleep?  (They were quiet by 10pm so it wasn't so bad!)
This morning we feasted on smoothies and sausage and cinnamon rolls.  I would say our first slumber party was a success on all fronts!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Birthday, Kira!

More pictures to come. Currently there are five little girls bunked up in the living room, not yet sleeping. Seventh birthday equals first slumber party!

Saturday, March 5, 2016


For the past week we've been experimenting with letting the chickens out of their run in the afternoons again. For obvious, puppy-related reasons, we kept them penned up in February. Their egg production, however, plummeted pretty quickly. Before today we'd been letting them out the last hour or so of the day and just keeping Violet inside. Today, though? It was time for some barnyard action.
Violet meets Franny. This is one of the two chickens we raised from chicks three years ago--the one who legitimately thinks we are her parents. She runs across the yard to us at any moment we come outside. Sometimes, when Millie is on the porch Franny will sit at the door and call to her plaintively. I was not worried about this meeting at all.
This meeting, though? The properly-named "Mean Chicken?" The bird who has drawn blood on all three of my children? I was a little nervous about this one.
Keep your distance, Violet. Good idea. In related news, it is now well known around here that once school is out we will be "killing the mean chicken" and "eating it!" Simon, particularly, finds this to be terribly exciting. I don't know if that makes us bad parents, or awesome parents. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016