Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kira's 7th Birthday Party

We had 4 extra little girls (and no brothers) here for Kira's birthday!  They were all super excited when they spotted their beds!  (Who wouldn't be with your face no more than 3 feet away from 4 friends??!)  And Kira is holding up "fancy" temporary tattoos.  The tattoos were a big hit, but I had to make a "no tattoos on the face" rule. We dined on Kira's favorite foods: hotdogs, boxed mac & cheese, and cooked carrots.
 Then we enjoyed brownie & hot fudge sundaes.  YUM!
The girls watched 101 Dalmatians in their PJs.  Violet tried to join them (it is a dog movie, after all), but she couldn't quite settle down with all the excitement.
This is everyone ready for... um... sleep?  (They were quiet by 10pm so it wasn't so bad!)
This morning we feasted on smoothies and sausage and cinnamon rolls.  I would say our first slumber party was a success on all fronts!

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