Tuesday, May 17, 2016


John played soccer this year for the first time. As we suspected, he was the right Wamsted to enjoy running around and chasing an elusive ball. He wasn't a goal scorer, but he had a great time getting into position and kicking the ball away from the other team.
Notice that he is the only red shirt here. In position. Chasing that ball. Awesome kid.
Mostly though, he loved celebrating. Here he is hugging our neighbor Judah. I'm fairly sure that the other team just scored, but no matter.
Again, some sort of celebration. Often he would kick the ball away from the other team, and instead of following it he would stop and do some sort of super hero pose. Nobody enjoys a rowdy reflection more than John.
Go here if you want to see some photos of Kira playing soccer at about the same age. Please note how much that girl at 4 1/2 looks like Simon at 3 1/2. Wow.

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