Sunday, May 29, 2016

Wedding Weekend, Part One

Last weekend we went to see Millie's cousin Margaret get married. It was a whole-weekend kind of event, and it was SO much fun for everyone. Just a few pictures here--hoping to have more put together soon!

Below we have Kira with her cousins Chet and Walker. How cool does Walker look here? 
We had one less seat than person, so Simon spent the whole ceremony bouncing laps. You can imagine the wiggliness. As John said later, "Daddy, the wedding was so much fun! But the beginning was really boring." A lot of gum-chewing and water-drinking got the boys through!
If only Simon would let us cut his hair in the typical Wamsted fashion we'd have three peas in a pod here!
How cute is this crew? And, if you're wondering whether Kira managed to get both of her front teeth out in less than a week through pertinacious wiggling, the answer is yes.

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