Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin

So we didn't get as much rain as they had predicted--intermittent showers all day--but this was the foreboding view from our deck.
So what do you do with seven kids eight years old and under when the surf is treacherous? Hit the pool, of course! And, obviously, grab your underwater camera.
You'll notice there is no solo picture of Anne Perry. That's because she took 90% of the photos; the last shot of me went through six takes before she was satisfied ("Your eyes were closed"; "Smile, Uncle Jay!"). And, just for the record, Uncle Paul spent four straight hours in the pool with a rotating cast of Wamsted children, much of it just swimming in the rain. He officially won the day, for sure. Hopefully the surf will calm down soon and we'll hit the beach again!

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