Sunday, July 24, 2016

One Last Lake Post

We've been slow to post all of these photos--this month has been crazy. We went from Lake Seed to the Highlands to Lake Toxaway and then back to Atlanta straight to CAMP at church and then, finally, a busy week trying to get ourselves together for the school year! And, remember, we aren't even at our own house--we're at Ya-Ya and Pop-Pop's! At any rate, here is a pretty cute smile from John.
And here is Kira trying not to smile a mere two seconds later.
A little underwater tickling got her smiling. That two-tooth gap is precious, and fleeting. Notice the wire for her expander there, making way for her grown-up teeth.
Here are all the Rand cousins. That's Jackson (2) on the far left and Walker (5) on the far right. Chet (8) is next to Kira.

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