Thursday, September 22, 2016

Harvesting Pumpkins, Part One

So for some reason this summer while we were away from our house much of our produce just went bananas. Pardon the pun. For a long time, though, we thought the exception was going to be the pumpkins we planted in the front yard. Years ago we had a really good crop from the patch by the street, but our attempt to duplicate this success seemed ill-fated: by late summer we had crazy vines and no pumpkins at all. Slowly but surely, however, during August and September (much later than last time), beautiful big pumpkins grew out of the vines. Some of them are still out there soaking up the end of the summer sun, but the other day we harvested our first pumpkin--just in time for the first day of fall.


  1. Is Simon a member of the Bloods now? Much better do rag than his dad has ever pulled off.

  2. Simon is a very funny fella, as always.

  3. Simon is a very funny fella, as always.