Friday, February 10, 2017

Ready for Action

Here the boys are each wearing their favorite super-hero outfit. They are also toting Ninja Turtle weapons, and Ninja-Turtle water squirters. John is also wearing a Superman cape. In addition, he has Spider-Man professionally painted on his face, from a pretty amazing birthday party he went to earlier in the day. It was, needless to say, a riot of a play time.

Also, we told the boys that in no uncertain terms were we going to fill up their water squirters in 40-degree winter weather. They acquiesced, but grudgingly. Later we found them at the rain barrel, secretly trying to fill them up on their own. We only caught them because Violet got the cap to John's and stole away under the porch. John cried, giving himself away when he came to seek help. We took the squirters away for a week. We never saw the cap again. It was a different sort of riot.

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